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. Determination of the Gene Regulatory Network of a Genome-Reduced Bacterium Highlights Alternative Regulation Independent of Transcription Factors. Cell Syst, 2019.

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. Tracking humans and microbes. Nature, 2019.

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. Integrated culturing, modeling and transcriptomics uncovers complex interactions and emergent behavior in a three-species synthetic gut community. Elife, 2018.

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. Alternative transcriptional regulation in genome-reduced bacteria. Curr. Opin. Microbiol., 2017.

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. Insights into the mechanisms of basal coordination of transcription using a genome-reduced bacterium. Cell Syst., 2016.

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. Bacterial antisense RNAs are mainly the product of transcriptional noise. Sci. Adv., 2016.

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. Comparative “-omics” in Mycoplasma pneumoniae clinical isolates reveals key virulence factors. PLoS One, 2015.

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. Distinguishing between productive and abortive promoters using a random forest classifier in Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Nucleic Acids Res., 2015.

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. Defining a minimal cell: essentiality of small ORFs and ncRNAs in a genome‐reduced bacterium. Mol. Sys. Bio., 2015.

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Awards and Funding

  • 2018: Best Poster Award at the EMBO | EMBL Human Microbiome Conference. Poster title: A Mapping-based Human Metatranscriptomics Analysis Pipeline. Prize awarded by Molecular Systems Biology

  • 2018: Young Investigator Award from the Catalan Society of Biology (Premi al jove Investigador de la Societat Catalana de Biologia). Link to the press release.

  • 2017: FWO Postdoctoral Fellowship. 3 years postdoctoral fellowship.

  • 2017: PhD extraordinary Award, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Thesis title: “Integrative understanding of transcription in a minimal cell model”. Link to the press release.

  • 2016: International Organization of Mycoplasmology Conference in Brisbane, Australia. Travel Award.

  • 2011: La Caixa postgraduate fellowship. MSc in Spain fellowship.

  • 2011: Bancaja-UPV award: Best undergraduate dissertation. Title: “Development of a gene prioritization method and its applications in hereditary disorders” (original in Spanish: “Desarrollo de un método de priorización de genes y aplicación en enfermedades hereditarias”)

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